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Few Words About this website

The Kreuwels family website was found in 2002 as a family website where pictures of the grandchildren and their swimming certificates could be shared as well as photo's from home improvement constructions and so on... Remember that this was years before we had social media such as Instagram or Facebook and the online world looked quite different back then. A lot has changed on the internet yet this website descends from those good old days. Can you still remember the sounds of dail-up internet? Anyway, today the website serves the following purposes:


This web page was designed for members of the Kreuwels family to find and contact relatives.

Online Domain

Owning a domain provides personal mail aliases ( / .com).

Geven Bij Leven

Online support for Geven Bij Leven (discontinued).

Geven Bij Leven

Geven Bij Leven is an initiative that aims to promote generosity through optimal use to make use of the possibilities offered by the tax authorities for this purpose by transferring donations according to the participants' charities.